Ashok Kallagunta

Título: «Gem Collector»
Ubicación: India.
Sitio web: @ka_frames
Detalles: Canon 7D Mark 2. Canon 100mm f2.8L, 1/250, f/32, ISO 400

Separated from its mother in birth, a precious hawk moth egg was residing in solitude over a Chinese glory bower leaf.
Waiting to become a beautiful caterpillar and when the time comes, the leaf once it is called home will become its main diet.

This was the story of the hawk moth egg’s delicate life-cycle until a small yet vicious predator came into the frame.
Determined to capture and carry back the most nutritious price to its nest, a loyal busy little acrobat ant collects its gem-like price, just worthy of its nest’s needs.
The hawkmoth will no longer grow to be a caterpillar yet there will be a feast for the youngest in the acrobat ant’s nest.